After posting up on Mastodon about my success using Home Assistant to automatically join a surprise Saving Session from my energy supplier, Octopus Energy, and receiving a flurry of replies (okay, more than one), as well as struggling to post the automation YAML without mangling the formatting, I figured it was worth posting up here.

Firstly, I have to say that I’m not claiming to have invented any wheels here, and I’m very much standing on the shoulders of giants, in that the folks who make Home Assistant, and David Kendall who made the Octopus Energy custom HA integration have done the hard work, and I’ve just connected point A to point B.

The Home Assistant automation looks like this The Home Assistant automation for joining new Octoplus Saving Session

And specifically, under the automation action, the following YAML is used

  event_code: "{{[\"event_code\"] }}"
  entity_id: event.octopus_energy_a_a1234567_octoplus_saving_session_events

(and yes, I’ve redacted my actual Octopus account number from the automation screenshot and yaml 😉 )

Next month, I’ll see if I can get the wheel of fortune automated too.