I’ll be good, I thought. I’ll start documenting some of my home automation bits and bobs in case I ever have to rebuild it all from scratch without backups, I thought.

I went to fire up a local jekyll docker container to make sure things still looked ship-shape while typing up the aforementioned blog post, and it didn’t work. And then I looked into things a bit more, disovered that jekyll is on some sort of development freeze/hiatus/has been shelved (okay, I didn’t look too much into it once I worked out that getting the container running wouldn’t be a matter of thirty seconds), and ended up doing a bit of research, discovering Hugo, then spending far too many evenings-into-early-mornings migrating things, understanding how hugo works, finding a theme, and getting to a place where I’m almost happy with it, and haven’t broken too many old links. I hope.

Then, of course, there was the joy of resurrecting my gitlab instance, and learning how to deploy hugo via gitlab’s CI-CD. Which, if you’re looking at this on the shiny new (well, the grey and orange) theme, then it has worked.

All I have to do now is find the broken posts which haven’t migrated properly, try to dig out old images from ye ancient posts which were from the days of using mobypicture (remember that long-obsolete site?) to host images for twitter (remember that long-obsolete site?), with a side-order of automatic cross-posting to my old wordpress install.

If some things (particularly old posts) look really janky, it’s because this is the third, or possibly fourth, blogging platform that I have used, and some things just don’t work well. Speaking of which, I need to upload this, then go and check in on feedburner to see if this drivel still has an RSS feed for the folks who still RSS.