The less said about these two months the better… I caught a stinking cold in November, and picked up a second round of Covid in December which stopped me getting my booster vaccine. Much worse for me second time round, and I’m still very much feeling the effects now, three weeks later.

With being ill, the sim-racing was fairly light for these two months, with only the Winter 24 Hours of Nurburgring of note. I was probably too ill to drive, and realistically should have dropped out, but there’s something addictive about the Porsche 911 Cup Car and the Nordschleife combination. As evidenced by my participation this week in the Porsche Cup official series, which is at the Nurburgring, and I am loving. I’ll have to put the cup car down when the week rolls over to the next circuit, however, and get some practice in for the Daytona 24 at the end of January.

New Toys
A perfectly timed purchase, despite it being of limited use after I move, I picked up a battery powered pressure washer, so the car can be washed before I move. It turns out that this was absolutely necessary, because during the week I had ordered the pressure washer, I had parked under a tree. Apparently a tree where some sort of freakishly large albatross rests after a big night hitting up the curry houses on Brick Lane. It was deeply unpleasant, and I’d rather not repeat that experience ever again if I can help it.

The Rest of Stuff
Two words: conveyancing solicitors. That’s about all I can muster the energy to type right now. Being fair, I’m not having the worst nightmare, but there’s a reason these folks have the reputation that they do, and hopefully some day, somebody will improve the system. Until then, I am now mentally preparing for the rest of this month by assuming that it will be the most stressful month of my life. There’s definitely a reason that I haven’t moved home in sixteen years…