Look, we all know how this is going to begin, so I’ll just straight into it.

Two more rounds of the Nurburgring Endurance Championship, one of which was the six-hour round. Racing that as a solo driver was tough, and I made a couple of stupid mistakes which definitely cost me a couple of positions, but mostly I’m just pleased with myself that I managed to race the Nordschleife, on my own, for six hours. With one round left in the series, I’m currently 17th of 912 MX-5 drivers, so I’m definitely pleased with that. A top ten is definitely out of the quesetion, as far as I can tell, and a top fifteen looks to be quite a stretch, so I’m aiming for a decent result to consolidate a top twenty championship placing.

In terms of iRating, I hit the heady heights of the 1800s right at the end of the month, although as the month ended halfway through the Porsche 911 Cup at the Nurburgring week, it’s safe to say that my irating has been fluctuating somewhat this week ;-)

New Toys
Look, Mat, we appreciate that you’ve been actually completing projects, but do you do anything other than pretendy-driving? Anyway, this month’s new hotness was my (finally) finished button box/flag-panel to make my sim-rig look even more fancy. It also has some practical features, giving me access to more controls, and a funky display which looks good on stream (no, really, see my latest twitch streams to see what I’m talking about while I work out the easiest way to make a gif of it in action).

RealWorldDriving Considering my car blew the engine in August, there was definitely more driving than I expected in September, because I did a mildly silly thing, and bought myself another car. Much less of a shitbox this time though, a two year old VW Polo. Which is red, and shiny, and says GTI on the back. Shut up I’m not having a mid-life crisis you’re having a mid-life crisis. It’s not a two-seater convertible, but it is a sporty red car owned by a man in his forties…

And anyway, it easily gets an mpg reading in the upper 40s on the motorway, despite being very eager to win me some points when in sport mode. It’s just a shame that almost immediately after buying it, the general public proved that “A person is smart. People are stupid, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” by creating a fuel crisis and massive queues at fuel stations. Idiots.