Nope, this was definitely posted on time, you’re the one who is a couple of days into March already… In my defence, pandemic/lockdown/time is meaningless/wait did we really let March back in after how it behaved last year?

I finished January by claiming that I already had two things for February, which I really wish I had made a note of, because, erm, yes, well, something.

More Pretendy-Driving
Or not, as the case turned out to be. Gaining the appropriate level iRacing license in time for the Daytona 500 was always going to be a challenge. Was I up to it? No. Did I console myself by driving in the Bathurst 12 hour race at the end of the month? Also no, not due to lack of license this time, purely down to my own lack of skill, I just couldn’t get my lap times down enough to get around the mountain safely, so rather than wreck other people’s races, I watched the second half of my teammate’s race, and played around with my streaming layout. It looks ok, but like painting the Forth Bridge, it’ll never be finished.

Ah, Technology
With the emphasis on the “no”, for February, the final week of which brought me a broken down car, failed SSD cache drives on my NAS, confirmation that my laptop is cursed, and a hiccough on my home automation which left the zigbee side of things offline, with my hue bulbs showing no sign of responding to my attempts to reset them via Touchlink. And no, of course I don’t have a hub handy. I can, apparently, use the bluetooth app to reset them, which is great for the breakfast bar, but less useful for the kitchen, where the bulbs are of a pre-bluetooth vintage. Ah well, back to using a switch, I guess…

According to Apple, my repeatedly kernel panicking macbook passes all hardware tests with flying colours. Which I could have told them, having run the diagnostics so many times over the last four or five months. The kernel panics have persisted through multiple operating system updates, and even show up in safe mode. It took less than six hours of use once I got it back for it to KP on me. To add insult to injury, someone, somewhere, either at Apple or at UPS, fucked up either the paperwork or the processing, so I was charged the sum of £125.74 to have my un-fixed laptop returned to me, because the repair place is in Czechia, and, you know, Brexit. I’m sure I’ll be thinging about that in monthnotes to come, so watch this space, all you fans of Mat complaining ;-)

Ye Olde Internete Linke
Me? Fall down some internet rabbit holes and end up at an old, but still no less incredible cover version of Stairway to Heaven. The absolute stones it must have taken to get up and perform that in front of Plant, Page, and Jones, and they absolutely killed it.

Anyway, until the next one…