Finally, the never-ending year that was 2020 is over (no, really, under ISO-8601, 2020 week 53 ran from 28th December 2020 to January 3rd 2021).

After breaking my arm at the start of 2019 and basically staying inside for a year, I had most of the metalwork removed in January 2020. The post-surgery healing and physio went very well, I was working from home a week after the operation, and back to the office a couple of weeks after that, ready and raring to get back out into the world and resume some of 2018's socialising. Of course, two weeks later, my employer closed their offices, and a week after that, everyone was treated to some lockdown fun, and the rest is history. Literally. I had never thought about living through an event which will have whole chapters, or indeed entire history books dedicated to it, but it turns out it's less exciting than you might assume.

Not that it was an entirely written off year, I managed to get back out on my bike. Only a couple of times, but after the accident, and the subsequent anxieties/borderline PTSD (I don't use that term lightly, I had a course of therapy and everything) a couple of rides after eighteen months were a massive win for me.

I treated myself fairly early in lockdown to a new PC to play some games again, my previous one having done sterling service for eleven years. The new PC did lead me down the dark path of getting back into sim-racing, and for 2021, I'll be aiming to reverse the trend of spending too much money, and not enough time on the racing side of things. Although that probably means turning laps instead of fixing my Cities: Skylines traffic, or crafting mines in Minecraft...

Resolutions for 2021? Hah, after last year, you're not fooling me that easily.