New Toys, Same Old Wibblings

After using wordpress for, erm, absolutely no idea how long, to be honest, I’m giving jekyll a crack, because static content is waaaaay better than the big old script-kiddie target that is a wordpress install, and when I’m updating much more often than I’m blogging? Meh, that’s effort which could be spent elsewhere.

Anyway, this is an initial post via jekyll, which you will no doubt notice is very sparse in terms of content, formatting, and media. That’s because I’m typing it up quickly, so I can get things working, instead of learning all the things, making everything perfect, and spending three weeks hunting for “that one perfect theme”

I even got the gitlab auto devops (I know, I know) set up so all I need to do to update the blog is to write some markdown, commit, push, and wait a few minutes for it to build and be copied to my server. Which is nice.