No, not the time between blog posts, but my elbow.

At the back end of January, some clown walking down the bike lane kicked my bike out from under me, and before I knew it, I was sticking a "three points of contact, full superhero landing", only my three points of contact were my head (hurrah for helmets), my hip, and the initial point of impact, my elbow. One badly smashed humerus later, and I won the prize of four and a half hours of reconstructive surgery, some screws, and some metal plates. No large bearded man telling me "You're a cyborg, Harry" though. See below the break for magic internal photos (X-rays, Mat. They're called X-rays).

x-ray of my repaired smashed elbow
New metalwork

x-ray of my repaired elbow

It being my right arm, this has been inconvenient to say the least. I know many people have it much worse than me and my (hopefully) temporary not fully useful arm, but if I can't whinge about having to put on a pair of socks using only my left hand, then what can I do?

It is also pretty inconvenient timing because it meant that any electronics projects I was just about ready to start with have had to be put on hold, as soldering has been right out. Hopefully soon though, as the movement, and more importantly, steadiness and control is coming back to my right arm. This will be useful, as since the start of the year I have been wanting to restart this whole 'sending random streams of words to the internet' blogging thing, and had to put that on hold due to the whole arm thing.
Although I have been back at work (mostly working from home, hurray for the internets), typing was pretty tiring and sore, so being able to do this feels like a pretty big breakthrough, to be honest.

Anyway, this is mostly a combination of wanting to restart doing internet typings for fun, and also as a test to see how it feels to do some slightly longer typing on the little toy that the amazon delivery man brought to work today; a Microsoft universal foldable keyboard ( ). Which, it turns out, is pretty great.

It's basically the keyboard of a surface typecover, but with a gap in the middle, and slightly smaller keys (and a smaller footprint, of course), and, having spouted however many words I just have into the wordpress app on my phone, I can safely say that it's by far and away the best portable keyboard I've used. I'm sure something will annoy me about it, but initial impressions are "A++ would type again!"

In an ideal world I would take a photo of it in use, but, you know, my phone is busy right now, and my camera is in a cupboard somewhere...

Instead, here, have a link to a thing I saw online and thought was entertaining ;-)

The 50 Most WTF British TV Moments on Buzzfeed