I did a little tidying up and rearranging of the shack, so I thought I should post up here in some form of attempt to try and keep updating here. Of course, when I say shack, I am in a flat in the middle of London, so where some folks have entire rooms/converted garages/sheds, I have the top of a set of shelves…

Despite this, I have managed to work JT-65 out into Europe/the fringes of Russia/Kazakhstan with 5W from my Yaesu ft-817 and my recently acquired AlexLoop Walkham, which I am quite pleased with.

I have also been playing with some APRS, using both my ft-817 and my trusty baofeng UV-5R with a mobilinkd bluetooth TNC, and APRSDroid on my phone, as well as setting up a receive only iGate using an RTL-SDR and a raspberry pi.

The things I haven’t been as active with are amsat work, and either VHF analogue or any DMR work through my openspot, so I am going to set myself a goal of making my first amsat QSO by the end of April, and also try to get into the habit of at least monitoring my local repeaters and/or some DMR talkgroups.

That and replace the windows surface in that (terrible) photo of my shack with a raspberry pi with a seven inch touchcreen, hopefully running my APRS iGate, wsjt-x, GNU predict for amsat work, and whatever else I can think of to punish my poor overworked pi.

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