Speaking of paying cash money for hosting, I've recently (almost*) completed a quick busman's holiday or migrating from a single server over at hetzner to a couple of shiny SSD servers at DigitalOcean, one for the blog, and one to play, rather than being a bad sysad and playing on my prod server ;-)

*almost, because I'm still trying to debug an OAuth problem with my openphoto/trovebox install, which is probably something to do with migrating from ubuntu to debian wheezy, and moving the site from behind apache httpd and php to nginx and php-fpm, or oauth library versions or something. Time to break out the debugger's favourite, and prinf($allTheThings); ;-)

(Oh, and I should mention, that's a referral link to DigitalOcean up there. If you want a clean one: www.digitalocean.com (but go on, hook me up with a little referral credit. Pwease? ;-) )