But it does attract "a few" spam comments. Lesson learnt - turning off disqus and relying on wordpress, and then ignoring the blog for "some" months results in hundreds of comments held in the moderation queue. Then, when you drop a link in, and try to make a draft post, so you can add some text around it later, you'll actually publish it instead, because you've forgotten how to wordpress. Oh well, time to tweak the comments settings, and actually start paying attention to that which I'm paying actual cash money for.

Speaking of paying cash money for hosting, I've recently (almost*) completed a quick busman's holiday or migrating from a single server over at hetzner to a couple of shiny SSD servers at DigitalOcean, one for the blog, and one to play, rather than being a bad sysad and playing on my prod server ;-)

*almost, because I'm still trying to debug an OAuth problem with my openphoto/trovebox install, which is probably something to do with migrating from ubuntu to debian wheezy, and moving the site from behind apache httpd and php to nginx and php-fpm, or oauth library versions or something. Time to break out the debugger's favourite, and prinf($allTheThings); ;-)

(Oh, and I should mention, that's a referral link to DigitalOcean up there. If you want a clean one: www.digitalocean.com (but go on, hook me up with a little referral credit. Pwease? ;-) )