So I'm now up to two weeks using only the ipad, and I think I've just about had enough time to decide on whether or not we really are in a post-pc world.

My conclusion - it could be, depending on what your requirements are (mmm, obvious statement is obvious). Put it this way, I haven't ordered a new laptop yet. Mainly because I'm waiting a couple more weeks to see if Apple really are going to announce a new revision of the air with the ivy bridge processor (battery life ++) at some point in April. Although I can pretty much guarantee that the day I give up waiting, and take delivery of a macbook air, fifteen days later, Apple will announce the new one (as Apple have a fourteen day return period).

I've been happy with my podcast solution of RSSRadio, which syncs played status/position between devices, and have worked out that with dropbox, and the camera connection kit, it would even be possible to manage photos from a camera, assuming you're paying dropbox the money for an appropriately large amount of storage. Personally, I'm waiting for pogoplug to release their 4th generation pogo plug, which I can leave plugged in at home with a 2TB hard drive in it, giving me plenty of storage for photos. That and the control of my own data, which I'm finding myself being more and more concerned about.

I haven't just been using the ipad as a media consumption/web browsing device, it's been my 'on-call' tool for the last week, and has, using the built in VPN client, and the iSSH app, performed very well. The only weakness I have found on that front is that iSSH can only support one RDP session at a time, although this is probably a benefit when doing a rolling restart across a cluster, to make sure that I only restart one machine at a time ;-)

I would quite like to find a better RDP client though, preferable one which supports multiple sessions at once.

Disclaimer - I did grab the wife's laptop at half four in the morning, when a combination of an odd thing going on, and it being such a silly time in the morning, conspired to make me fall back to the default, I know how to use this laptop, rather than having to expend precious brain cycles on working out how to do what I wanted on the ipad. This may or may not be part of why I'm not going to live in a fully post-pc world, and will be picking me up a laptop again.