Ouch, that was painful. Having the TV on as a bit of background noise can be dangerous sometimes. I looked up, and Question Time was on. A bunch of politicians, being politicians, and doing the ridiculous political willy-waving bollocks.

Obviously, they were prattling on and trying to score political points over yesterday's budget, and the whole "ooh, no, robbing from the little old ladies" thing, and somebody mentioned the concept of fairness in the taxation system.

Now, this is something that has annoyed me, in that when I hear the word fair, I'd like to think I have a grasp of the meaning of the word. The current income tax personal allowance system doesn't actually seem that fair to me. I'd be much more willing to listen to people talking about income tax being fair if there was a single rate.

Now, I don't know the numbers that would work, but if there's a £10,000 tax free personal allowance, and a flat rate of 20% for everyone, then a person who earns £30,000 will pay twice as much tax as someone who earns £20,000. And a person who earns £110,000 will pay ten times as much tax as someone who earns £20,000. To me, that seems fair.

Not having a higher rate of 40%, which means that someone who earns twice as much taxable income as someone else might end up paying three times as much tax.

Obviously, I don't know the numbers, but something like a £20,000 personal tax free allowance, and then a 25% flat rate on whatever you earn above that. Go on, tell me that isn't fair, and that once you earn a high amount, you should pay a higher percentage of your taxable income is fair. I dare you.

In other non-news, I'm actually still feeling quite happy at being laptop-free, and using the tablet only. RSSRadio seems to be doing the job for my podcasts, although I am going to have to plug into a real computer and get some old, not yet listened to, podcasts off the hard drive image I took before selling the laptop. That and actually try and keep up with the podcasts, as the ipad has a lot less space than a laptop with a decent sized SSD, and an even larger HDD inside.