I took advantage of a little bit of serendipity (a friend looking for a second hand laptop) to give myself the excuse of selling the macbook pro, and buying an eleven inch macbook air. At the same time, I was already going through the motions of selling my first generation ipad, and picking up an ipad 3/"the new ipad"/whatever they want to call it.

Having wiped and reinstalled the MBP (after pulling my SSD and reinstalling the original HDD, sorry bud, I gave you a bargain already, I'm keeping the SSD ;-) ), and being too lazy to drag myself over to an apple store/not wanting to put up with the piss-taking about my being an apple-tart if I had it delivered to the office, I've been using the ipad all weekend, and I began to wonder...

Having reviewed what I actually used the macbook for, I've decided to give myself a little challenge, and see if I can 'survive' until at least April on a tablet alone. Time to see if we really are living in a post-PC world.

Well, a tablet, my home server, and my vps that I host my bloggy website on. So not exactly using only a tablet, but, you know, one less computer than I previously had ;-)

So far I seem to be managing, I've found what I think will be a solution to fact that ios podcast handling is, to be honest, cack, and I'm also giving lastpass a go, for my password management needs. No doubt, more to come on those.

The only problem is that sat here typing this on a bluetooth keyboard, while streaming a 720p video podcast over airplay to the apple TV, I can just about see the battery meter going down as I watch.

Now, I wonder how well it will hold up to on-call duties.