As twitter is somewhat limited in characters for explaining things, I thought it worth typing this up in a slightly longer form, so interested people can see what's what.

White XBox 360 Pro/Premium (whatever they were called at the time), with 60GB HDD. It's the last revision before the 360 S was released, which means, I believe, that it has a better motherboard, with a smaller cooler CPU, which means it doesn't sound quite like a jet taking off, and is less likely to suffer from some of the failures that the early revisions had. I found the original receipt, I bought it from Zavvi in December 2008, so it was three years old on Thursday 8th Dec. It's boxed, and in damn good condition (see disclaimer/full disclosure below).

Two white wireless controllers, with black rechargeable battery packs (because microsoft stopped making the white ones apparently, so when I came to buy new ones earlier this year (the old ones had stopped holding a charge), I had to get black ones. Only affects things if you're massively fashion conscious/OCD about matching bits ;-)

The USB <-> controller charging cables, obviously (actually, two black cables, and one grey).

Some games: Sega Rally, Mercenaries 2, FIFA 09, Forza 2, Skate, Gears of War 2.

Some more cables and things:
An HDMI cable.
A cable for hooking up to a VGA display, with phono left and right breakout on it. There's probably a technical term for these things, but meh, you know what I mean.
Component/composite to scart adapter (never used).
The power brick and cable.
The original headset, with it's single earpiece and microphone. I don't think I ever used this beyond seeing if it works, and looking at it, you might not want to either - the foam looks a bit brittle (it may have been left in the sun), also, I can't remember it being overly comfortable. But it's there.

The bad bits (full disclosure and all that):

According to the box, and the darkest recesses of my mind, there should be another display cable, xbox to (component/composite - I never know/care which is which), which I'm sure is somewhere in one of my computer rubble crates, but I can't find it at the moment. I only ever used the VGA, and then HDMI connection options. I'll have a look for it.

Also, the spring which holds the "little door in front of the USB ports" has fallen out, so the door doesn't close. The spring is still in a known location (or in plain English, I haven't lost it), and I was thinking of having a go and seeing if I could put it back on, but it doesn't really do anything. In fact, I believe that microsoft sent back repaired xboxes with fascias that didn't even have that little door, so it can't be too important. I had a look at this. Without an inordinate amount of time spent sourcing spare parts, and lots of fiddly jiggling about/melting and re-melting bits of the (non-visible side of the) fascia, this was going to be silly to do, so it's now just like a more modern xbox 360, and doesn't have the USB port door.

I haven't had time to trawl ebay/amazon trade in/gumtree yet, so hit me up with offers (don't worry, I am going to be realistic about it, I know it's not a 360 S). I'd prefer to do an in-person deal, mainly because I'm lazy, and dislike the post office, but I am open to a postal deal, if you cover the postage, and don't mind me not posting it until I've got the cold hard cash in my grubby little paws (or at least see some numbers change on my online banking).