Yup, I said it. Let's ignore the fact that when you go the toilet on a train, it still flushes onto the tracks (wait, are there still any trains which flush onto the tracks?), and welcome the future.

There's a saying, that goes something like "whatever is invented before you're 18 has alway been there, if it's invented when you're between the ages of 18 and mid-thirties, it's amazing technology, and anything invented after your mid-thirties is witchcraft and should be banned".

I'm not sure I'd agree with those age ranges, but I definitely feel like I'm now moving into the middle age band, where new bits of tech are making me think "Ooh, wow", rather than just "well, yes, of course someone sells a box to do that".

My new TV (well, the replacement for the crap one) came with some cashback, so I used that to buy the hideously expensive proprietary USB camera that Samsung currently sell. Short review - well packaged, easy to open (none of that blister pack rubbish), easy to install - plug in two ends of a USB cable, then use the magnet to mount it to the TV. Small and unobtrusive (apart from the BRIGHT blue LED to let you know it's powered on, and it works very well, as it's first test proved last night, with an hour long video chat with a couple of friends who moved out to New Zealand.

(insert dirty affiliate link to amazon, please click, I want pennies to buy more gadgets, thanks ;-p )

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and lust over some sonos gear...