Last week a colleague spotted that Amazon is selling a TP-Link 150Mbps wireless-n access point for a penny shy of £15. A quick look at the description, and I saw that they can be used as a client, which made it worth a shot to replace my homeplug, which works, but is pegged down at around eleven megabits per second. It took a whole load of faffing around, and generally clicking on things randomly, but I managed to get it hooked up to my wireless LAN, and passing the packets through nicely. I haven't bothered to do a speed test yet, but it's certainly speedier than the homeplugs were. Even if there was no speed increase, it is probably worth it just so I can stop using the homeplug which I snapped the earth pin off, and can finally retrieve the earth pin from the socket. Mmmmm, electric safety, I can haz it.

Well played to the people selling them on ebay for £35 though.

Oh, and here's a link. - don't have nightmares ;-)