Unfortunately not my living room, although $deity only knows I need to.

Nope, over the last few days I've been having a bit of a tweak around and tidy up of my online presence, and have actually started using one of my accounts somewhere again. I've started on a re-do of my homepage, basing it on bootstrap from twitter, which makes it nice and easy to sort a layout. I just need some decent design skills and content for it now ;-)

I've also started using my tumblr account again, since google reader removed the sharing function, I've decided that since my tumblr was basically a shiny way of viewing my google reader shared items, I'll keep sharing things that way, although it does mean a couple of extra steps now (I have to open up the article in a new tab, then use a share via tumblr bookmarklet). I am thinking of changing the URL though, from the really rather generic tumblr.matstace.me.uk to the more accurate and descriptive listocrap.matstace.me.uk, so do beware if you bookmark it. I've got other things to do at the moment, like go and get some sleep, so I won't be doing that just yet ;-)