I very often find myself seeing a new gadget, and thinking "ooh".
I quite often see a new gadget and think "wow".
It's not often I see a new gadget and thing "ZOMGBBQGAMECHANGER!!!11!one!".

Those are pretty much the stages I've been through as I've found out more and more information about the Raspberry Pi affordable computer. Initially it was "Oh, a $25 computer. That'll be interesting, I hope they manage to come in under $75", then I discovered that it was very likely the cost really would be in the $25 range, and in the last couple of days I've found out that it can run 1080p video.

After tweeting my excitement earlier, and wondering about XBMC, I had this response from the @Raspberry_Pi folks:

Raspberry Pi and XBMC - a match made in heaven?

How awesome? A (probably) sub £35 computer which you can use as your "streaming all your crap to the telly"? It's got both HDMI and composite video out, so the vast majority of secondary screens that you have at home should be usable, again keeping the cost down. Surely it's a perfect gift for the children of any family or friends?

Then again, having been exposed to computers at an early age in the 1980s, and having seen the likes of Wargames and Tron at a young age, and knowing now that those influences have led to me being a sys admin now, maybe getting a young relative into computing is too cruel to contemplate ;-)