No, not "got around to posting again", although it has been a while. Nope, I finally got around to having food from the near legendary Tayyabs, despite having lived in the area for seven years. The tales of long queues, and a very busy restaurant are what have put me off, but yesterday I discovered that they now do delivery (through a third party delivery website).

If I had to criticise, I'd say that the mains were a wee bit oily, but apart from that, wow. Tayyabs definitely deserves the reputation. Possibly the best pilau rice I've ever had. The keema naan was superb as well. In the style of ebay, AAAAA+++++ Will eat again.

The recently released new big screen interface for the BBC iPlayer, currently only available on the PS3 is utterly fantastic, and lightyears ahead of the old big screen interface. So much so, that I've just spent a weekend yak-shaving, in an attempt to get the new interface up on my telly. The tl;dr summary is that (so far) I've failed.

I did succeed in setting up a server with a single NIC to act as a router, with squid acting as a transparent proxy (and a little iptables magic thrown in), modifying the user-agent header to pretend to be a PS3. Which worked, up to a point. Accessing from a browser on a laptop (or even the iphone) via the transparent squid proxy, results in the new shiny PS3 interface loading, but this doesn't happen on the TV - I suspect the app on the telly isn't up to speed on displaying all the html5 magics. Oh, and in a browser, it only responds to the arrow keys, and space as enter, so it's no use on the iphone/ipad. And it's no use with a keyboard either, as when you select a programme, you get an error saying "There has been a problem showing this programme.", so I'm guessing there is more going on in the background than I currently know about, without firing up a full on tcpdump session and doing more packet capture/analysis than I can currently be bothered to do ;-)