I just received the following email, informing me that CS2, from Bow to Aldgate, is now open.

As someone who regularly uses part of this route (Whitechapel to Aldgate), I'm calling bullshit on the wonderful marketing spin in the email of "a safer and more direct route into the city".

More direct? Really? More direct than the road which was already there? I doubt it. As for safer? Well, an intermittent blue stripe painted on a bus lane, which buses have to almost entirely straddle, large sections of which are only paint, without that grippy gravel stuff in it, in my opinion, is no safer than the road previously was. In fact, I'd say it's probably more dangerous now, having almost come off a Boris bike the first time I rode over the bare paint in the wet. I won't be making that mistake again (and yes, sitting right out in the bus lane really does piss off taxis, buses, and motorbikes).