Last week I had a birthday, and I almost felt old for a moment, when I realised that my GCSEs were now half my life ago. But then three seconds later I remembered that I don't really give a crap about that sort of thing.

I've added a silly "twitter digest" thing, that will no doubt be massively annoying. Or it would, if anybody read this ;-) (but seriously, if it's annoying, and you'd rather use twitter to follow my tweets, let me know).

I managed to get tickets to a preview viewing of the Senna movie, at the BFI last week too. I'm no movie critic, as this will prove, but in a nutshell, wow, what a movie. I'm not sure it was entirely, one hundred percent fair to Alain Prost, but it was an amazing insight into the life of Ayrton Senna, and the motivations/driving forces behind his career.

Apparently the blu-ray will come with a whole load of extra footage, but I will definitely be picking it up, and chances are I'll be paying another trip to a cinema to watch some of those monster laps around Monaco on the big screen once more.

As a long time fan of Formula 1, I'm probably going to be biased, but I genuinely believe that even a non-F1 fan can, and will, enjoy this film.

Go and see it.