OK, I'll admit it, this is mainly a quick(ish) post to double check that wordpress 3.1 is working, which it seems to be. Not entirely sure about the admin bar, but I'll probably like it in a couple of days time.

Oh, I am still alive and kicking by the way, just doing some actual work on the flat, and actually getting somewhere (we almost have a downstairs again, apart from some construction of the breakfast bar, and fitting a radiator, it's mostly cosmetic things like paint the skirting, and put up some curtains. Then we might actually be able to invite people over to repay some of the many meals we owe folks, after spending most of our time in this flat inviting ourselves to other people's gaffs, as this place was in no fit state for visitors.

General other things = disappointed that the opening grand prix of the F1 season has been postponed/cancelled, but actually, not too much, as the people of Bahrain have more important things than a sporting event to sort out right now. Plus, let's be honest, it isn't exactly a race track which inspires classic racing.

New job = going pretty well, and I passed my probation, which is always a good thing ;-) I'm not going to go into too much detail about it, as I try to keep my personal and professional worlds slightly distanced (mainly so I can rant and swear online without getting into too much trouble in the office), but although I do miss working at my previous employers, and miss the people there, the move from part sysad/part developer to all sysad was definitely the right move for me to make, as I really haven't missed the development part of my previous working life. I might turn my hand to a bit of webby stuff again in the future, but don't hold your breath if you're waiting for my blog theme to move away from "available free from the wordpress theme gallery" ;-)

Oh, and life without facebook? Not terrible actually. Most of the people who matter are contactable via other methods, and I don't get bored by pointless updates from people I never liked anyway ;-)