Right, this isn't going to be one of those awesome Orwell prize-winning blog posts, it's more of a five minute brain dump at lunchtime, for me to pull some ideas/requirements together.

I'm starting to get the feeling that my Cisco 877W isn't quite meeting my needs (that and I can't be arsed to learn enough Cisco stuff at the moment to make it work exactly as I'd like it), so I'm brain-dumping what I think I need, so I can come back and trim to to what I actually need, with a "would be nice but not essential" list below it ;-)

My initial requirements:

ADSL2+ modem, inc annex M - I want to be able to connect.
spare WAN port for 2nd broadband connection - I might upgrade to an FTTC connection/move somewhere with cable.
gigE switch (4 ports, maybe 8) - because 100 megabit/sec is old and busted ;-)
5GHz wireless-N - for the laptops
2.4GHz wireless-N - for the iphone
ability to run a seperate 802.11g network - for the crappy canon printer which is G only.
ability to run a guest wifi (probably G only), which can access internets but not my LAN
QoS - because sometimes it's nice to be able to browse the web whilst downloading big stuff.
IPv6 compatibility - because it's the current standard, IPv4 should now be considered legacy/old and busted
Able to use IPv6 tunnels while waiting for my crappy ISP to implement IPv6. Because O2 home broadband only supply an "old Internet" connection, and aren't supplying current Internet yet.
VPN stuff. It sounds useful to be able to do VPN stuff. I guess at a minimum I want something that won't crap it's pants when I set up a VPN tunnel to somewhere, like the O2 Box II does.

I'm thinking that there probably isn't a single all in one device which does this, so I'm wondering which different devices can be used to sort this out, and still keep the number of different boxes down to a wife-friendly limit (probably two ;-D ). Maybe something like a Draytek Vigor120 coupled with a RouterBoard 493G with a bunch of mini-pci wifi cards (N and G for my network, and a G for the guests)?

Time to refine the requirements, and then start seriously looking at my options.