I've always considered my tastes in music to be pretty wide-ranging. I'll pretty much listen to anything. Well, up to a point. The charts recently have had far too much auto-tuned, compressed to make it as 'loud' as possible crap in it, but apart from that, there's a hell of a lot I will stick on and listen to, and be happy about.

This eclectic range was really driven home to me this evening though, when I stuck last.fm's "my mix radio" on for a bit. As last.fm describe it, the mix radio is

some are brand new recommended tracks; others are tracks that you haven’t scrobbled before, but by artists that you know already; and the rest are simply tracks that you know already.

After a few tracks, here's a screen grab of my last.fm profile.

And while I was typing this up (and shaving a little yak to get my wordpress image uploads working again), I was treated to Massive Attack, The Strokes, and a Daft Punk track has just started playing.