Apparently it's only 80 days until the first Formula 1 Grand Prix of the 2011 season. This makes me happy, as I'm a bit of an F1 fan.

One thing that's coming in for 2011 is the movable rear wing (more explanation on the movable rear wing by Ted Kravitz, on the BBC website), and in theory, it does look like it is going to do the job, and allow cars to overtake, but what I'm waiting for, and fully expecting, is for the first failure of the actuator mechanism, leading to a driver arriving at a corner, hitting the brakes, and expecting the rear wing to snap back to it's normal high downforce levels.

Of course, the folks who have employment as engineers and designers for formula one teams are probably a little bit smarter than me, and have no doubt designed rear wings which fail closed, rather than fail open.