Apparently Ed Vaizey, the government's communications minister, has decided that the proles aren't living a puritanical enough life, and wants ISPs to block pornography and make customers opt-in to the sick filth. (He may not have actually worded it like this, but you know that's what he is thinking).

Rob Manuel has pennedtyped a very good message over on his posterous, which covers the fact that users of 3 mobile will now get redirected to the 3 mobile porn portal instead of being allowed access to, but also mentions that this is only the next step on the way to a fully censored Internet.

What I want to know is why do the six hundred and fifty elected folk in parliament think that they have the right to force the other sixty two million of us to live by their morals?

Why do the government think that they have the right to tell us what we can and can't do?

Seriously, I'm an adult. What I choose to drink, eat, smoke, watch, listen to, or do with my spare time, as long as it doesn't affect anybody else in a detrimental way, is my business and nobody else's. Sure, if I choose to drink "too much" alcohol, and eat "too much" fatty food, or if I take up smoking, then I may require the services of the NHS in the future. Well, guess what. I'm paying a whole wedge of ca$hmon£y each month in NI contributions to allow me access to the NHS, whose job it is to fix things, not to prevent things.

If/when I have children, it will be my responsibility, and my responsibility alone (well, me and my better half, obviously) to raise them. Not the government. I wouldn't want my offspring to have their set of morals instilled by that bunch of crooks (they haven't had their accounts signed off by the auditors, over their expenses dodgy-ness), who are some of the biggest hypocrites going (telling us we drink too much, and talking about minimum pricing per unit alcohol, while also taking millions of pounds of our money each year to subsidise their own bars).

If Cornwall ever sort out their independence, I'll be at the front of the queue to move in.