UPDATE: Since hitting publish on this, I've also discovered from reading the Hamleys website that they are also planning a reindeer farm for their Glasgow store as well. Simply. Not. Acceptable.

I was planning on having a rant about the incoming plans for a minimum price per unit on alcoholic drinks, but that can wait for another day (yeah, I know, more ranting, sorry, but hey, it's better that I get it out of my system, right? ;-P ).

Instead, I feel to need tonight to draw people's attention to this little story about Hamleys Toy Store, on Regent Street in London, deciding that live animals are perfectly fine to use as a marketing tool.

Not only are Hamleys having a week long "Reindeer Park", where for two hours per day you can "pat and feed our beautiful mummy and baby reindeer!", but for four hours on Monday 6th December, you can "see the penguins swim, interact with their friends and be fed at tea time!".

Honestly Hamleys? Really? You don't think that it's bad enough that reindeer and penguins are kept in captivity anyway? Do you think it's better for them to be transported into the centre of London, to be paraded in a hot, bright, noisy toy shop, in front of excitable, and no doubt screaming children for a couple of hours, only to be transported back home again,  through that lovely smooth, free-slowing London traffic.

For a view of what other folks think of this, see the twitter search for the #sHamleys hastag.

Please, let as many people you know about this, email Hamleys (don't forget to express your opinions politely) at customerservices@hamleys.co.uk

Oh, and consider buying your toys and presents from a retailer who respects wildlife ;-)