Technically, I'm still succeeding at my unspoken, self-set challenge of a blog post per day in November. If you count written but not published posts, anyway.

After seeing the #tweetyoursixteenyearoldself meme on twitter, I decided to be a moody, introspective tart for a couple of days, and realised that even by my standards, the self-indulgent tosh that I had come up with wasn't worth publishing, so I deleted instead, while also considering how glad the rest of the world must be that I'm not taking part in NaNoWriMo. A fifty thousand word novel? Penned my this mind? You don't know the size of the bullet that you've all dodged.

Speaking of dodging a bullet, I managed to avoid a quick trip into the office this weekend, as I managed to leave my laptop charger there on Friday evening, and there was an awful lot of formula 1 to watch over Saturday and Sunday. I haven't managed to get hold of some incredible new super-secret technology laptop battery, but I do have my portable power saviour, a Power Gorilla (which is reduced by a fair bit on Amazon there, grab a bargain while it's under £120). Having been more than impressed by the Power Gorilla's ability to keep Amy and I going over the four days at Silverstone (a couple of smartphones, my ipod touch, our ipads, and my mifi, which didn't seem to make a dent in the power gorilla), I decided to see what sort of extra life it gives my thirteen inch macbook pro.

Full screen video, keyboard backlights on, screen brightness up to full, streaming over wifi, mostly flash video, some 720p content, and the gorilla lasted almost three hours, which I'm pretty chuffed with. And of course I can charge the power gorilla whilst it powers (but doesn't charge, damn you Apple) the macbook.

I've also just noticed that the Solar Gorilla (solar panel partner to the power gorilla) is also quite decently reduced at Amazon as well, down to £89, which is a decent wedge less than the £140 it usually is. Although I do wonder just how much use it would actually be to me in rainy old London ;-) I've picked one up anyway, figuring that I can use it to trickle charge the power gorilla, so it's always ready for use, rather than having to plug in the power gorilla to recharge after use. Who knows, it might even provide enough juice to keep the mobile phone charged up.

I'm going to skip my random tech tip today too, because, erm, there may be a small chance that I don't have anything, but I also want to pimp my ebay auction - I'm selling my Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS lens, as I'm thinking that it would be much better for someone to be using it, rather that it living in a cupboard hardly ever seeing the light of day. Photos of the lens and the bits it comes with on my flickr, and if you're interested, or you know anyone who is, the ebay auction is here (ends 2pm on the 17th November). Go on, bid me happy ;-)