Not the kind that keeps the greasepaint and nylon industry in business, but security theatre.

One particular piece of security theatre has really wound me up today. The UK Government decided that because someone posted an exploding printer toner cartridge from one country far away to another country far away, that from now on all printer toner cartridges over 500g are banned from hand luggage on UK flights.

Could somebody check Theresa May's knees to make sure they haven't flown off from being jerked so hard?

I also noticed in the news today that a pipe bomb was found in a car which was parked at Belfast International Airport.

Forgive me if I'm about to head off down the road of reductio ad absurdum, but I'm pretty sure that at some point in the next week we will be seeing our fine Home Secretary announcing the ban on parking cars in airport car parks, as bombs might be left in them, and also a ban on pipes, as they might be pipe bombs.

It's a bloody good job that Theresa May wasn't Home Secretary when the underpants bomber was about, can you imagine the newspapers having to report on a ban on underwear when flying?

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have now done some form of hookup with Vagrant. I've not had time to fully read up on it, or have much of a play (more on why not, hopefully by the end of this week), but here's the Get Started with Vagrant page.
Benefits - being able to put that 12GB of ram to good use with local VMs, and not have to worry about paying for Linode/Amazon EC2 etc boxes.
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