I had a brand new set of emotions today. Having a catchup and goodbye drinks with a good friend who is emigrating in a couple of days, having finally received his visa to go and move over with his other half and 6 month old daughter.

While obviously being sad to see him go, and knowing that means we'll see even less of him than we have been (we generally fill the role of crap friends who sometimes leave it years between seeing people), it goes without saying that I am absolutely chuffed to bits for him that he is finally getting to head out to be reunited with his family (well, both of us are). Amy worked around Europe for ten months, and we saw each other almost every weekend, and I still can't begin to imagine what the last few months have been like for him.

On the plus side, Amy has already informed him that we will be visiting once they've sorted out a flat, and where ever they move has to have a spare room, so we can have a cheap holiday :-D