Hmm, not sure that I've got that auto-posting my google shared items plugin working properly, as it seems to be just adding to the same post. Maybe I have to keep posting things myself to force it to create a new one - now there's a reason to keep blogging. I managed a whole month of posting up some crap every day back in October, am I stupid enough to try for a whole year? I can always chuck up some photos as filler every now and then, I suppose.

No, I'm not stupid enough to commit to three hundred and sixty five wibblings. What I have committed myself to though, is a "10 in 10 in '10" challenge - to lose ten pounds in the first ten weeks in 2010. That's only a single solitary pound per week, just how hard can it be? I mean, I do know the secret of losing weight (and to be honest, it's not a massive secret. It's just eat less and exercise more, until you have a calorific deficit every day).

Right, I'm off to finish up the last of my chilli chocolate sardines before my 10 in 10 challenge. And yes, I did go for extra roast spuds during my two Christmas dinners so that I'd have a couple of extra "easy win" pounds to lose come January the 4th ;-)