Amy and I went along to see the final recording of As It Occurs To Me, and am now wishing I'd actually been along to see the other nine, rather than being the freeloader that I am, and downloading them for nowt via iTunes. Still, the good news is that there's going to be another series, so I shall try and drag myself along to more of those.

In other news this evening, I discovered that despite my initial misgivings, and various sites on the interwebs making it out to be tricky, port-forwarding on a Cisco router is actually pretty easy.

Well, it is if you don't take into account access control lists, or any of that gubbins.

If those things don't worry you (they do worry me, but I haven't read that far through my Cisco book yet), the the following is one method of opening up ssh access to your computer from the outside world, assuming your computer has the IP address

ip nat inside source static tcp 22 interface ATM0.1 2345

Things to note, this method works for me, on a Cisco 877W, on an Internet connection which has a DHCP supplied non-static IP address. It is, of course, possible to replace that "interface ATM0.1" with your external IP address, if you have a static IP.

I wouldn't recommend following my feeble attempts at Cisco configuration anyway, I'm just a wandering web dev, fiddling about with a couple of books, a couple of search engines, with a desire to have a modem/router that doesn't drop the connection three or four times a night like the O2 wireless box II that O2 supplied me with does.