Yeah, so, after being lied to by O2, then having a BT engineer do everything in the reverse order from that which O2 said they'd get him to do (I blame O2 for telling porkies here as well, rather than the BT blokey, who was probably doing things the way they are always done, starting at the customers premises, then working back to the exchange), I got my ADSL back on Monday, after it being dead since the previous Thursday. Apparently something needed replacing in the exchange. Brilliantly, on the following Thursday, the connection died again, this time neither of my routers would pick up a DHCP lease from the exchange. Still, it's up and running now, and the decent router is in place, so I can hook up to my VPN provider and watch The Daily Show.

This might come as a shock to anyone who knows me, but I've taken a gadget off my "must have of I'll lose the ability to breathe" list. I did want a mifi. I still do a little bit. But not while I live in London. While I'm spending my time in the capital city, I'm declaring that the dream of 3G telephony and mobile data is dead. It is no more, it has ceased to be, it's expired and gone on to meet his maker.

To reliably make or receive calls, I have to turn off 3G on my handset. To do any data, I basically have to be on wifi.

When my contract is up, I'm probably going to just go back to PAYG (or possibly one of those pay by the month non-contract SIM only deals) and chuck the SIM in my Nokia 1100. It's got a monochrome screen, does texts, calls, and that's it. Oh, and the battery lasts a week. How nice it was to not require a charge every (or even twice per) day. And it has an LED in the top that acts as a torch.

But yeah, 3G is dead in Central London. Don't bother. Unless all the tarts with smartphones decide to downgrade back to crappy old 2G handsets, thus freeing up all the 3G bandwidth...

Also, if anyone is going to the 2010 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, I might see you there. Tickets aquired, within minutes of the announcement that Silverstone had secured a 17 year contract for said British Grand Prix. Good times.