I haven't gone off typing up a blog (almost) daily. Honest.

I'm currently restricted to internet via tethering my mobile phone to the PC, as my normally pretty damn good O2 broadband has let me down.

I do wish there was a special line available for non-muppets to call though. Speaking to the tech support phone monkeys this morning reminded me just how much I dislike calling consumer ISPs. Those scripts are a royal pain in the arse.

Are you connected by wifi or wired (hint, never say wifi, they'll blame that).
We need to reboot the router. It doesn't matter if you tell them that you've rebooted it multiple times already, because they have to tick that box on their screen before the next question comes up for them to ask you.

Mind you, stepping through their script is a whole world less annoying than hearing the words "we'll have to send out another router, just in case yours has broken", after informing them that you've already tried multiple routers. Especially when those words are followed by "if the replacement router doesn't work, then we'll have to book an engineer visit".

All topped off with the following exchange:

Me: "Can that be booked for first thing in the morning?"
Telephone Monkey: "Yes"
{insert more random ineffective "settings changes" here}
Me: "So can I just check, what your definition of first thing in the morning is?"
TM: "Between eight and 1"
Me: "So not really first thing in the morning at all then?"
TM: "We can get him to call you when he's an hour away"

/me wants my internet connection...