City of London Police have an utterly inadequate driver training programme.

I should clarify that.

City of London Police have an utterly inadequate driver training programme, if what I saw this evening is representative.

First, a large police van, blue lights on, no siren, approaching a busy traffic light controlled junction on the "wrong side" of the road, going around the wrong side of the pedestrian crossing island. Traffics lights etc change, there's a break in the traffic, and some pedestrians use this break to step out, right in front of a van which had to emergency stop, then had the cheek to beep his horn. He then took an age to crawl through the junction, as, oddly enough, nobody was giving way. Here's a hint matey, SIREN. Nee-naw, woo-woo, etc. It kind of alerts other road users and pedestrians to your presence.

Second, or should I say exhibit b, traffic lights turn red, green man lights up, I step out, and one of the silver armed BMW 5-series has decided that the lights changed too soon, and don't apply to him anyway, so he shall head off over the junction. No blues and twos on this one at all, so I'm assuming he's a cyclist who forgot he was driving, as we all know red lights don't apply to bikes.

And without meaning to make this a grrr, bloody police rant, here's a link that everyone should hit up, as the kids say these days.
Forty four Sunderland fans have been banned from the Stadium of Light, despite not being charged with anything, after what looks like nothing more than a stitch up by Northumbria Police. There's a petition on there too. It's be nice if you signed it.