At some point over the weekend, when I've stopped running off around the world shooting up terrorists/airports/slums/whatever, I'm going to have to do some investigations. Seems that Flickr have announced a deal with Snapfish to give a range of photo printing options direct from Flickr.

Could this be a viable alternative to SmugMug, which I looked into, but seemed to work out just that little bit too expensive for non-Americans.

I'm annoyed at myself for leaving the leaflet in the basket when I paid, but this evening in Whitechapel Sainsbury's there was a display with vaguely interesting things on the boards, so we went in for a closer look.

Apparently, Crossrail will be taking over what looks like about three quarters of the car park to use as a building site, closing the entrance that currently runs in between NatWest bank and the Whitechapel IDEA Store, and forcing Sainsbury's into building a multi-story car park over what's left of their car park, getting rid of the petrol station. I didn't see what was going to happen to the store while the multi-story was being built, but I shall no doubt be back in there over the weekend (well I do need some form of sustenance, man can't live on Internet alone ;-p ), and try to have a closer look at what's going on. The time scale of six years was also mentioned, so let's all look forward to that.

Finally, I found this earlier, on the official Labour Party Website.
You won't be laughing if they win

With the following text:

This week David Cameron announced that John and Edward are his favourites to win X-Factor.
It’s hardly surprising.
David Cameron and George Osborne are the Jedward of politics.
Hilarious to watch.
All spin and no substance.
But you won’t be laughing if they win.

Honestly? This is the sort of childish, playground level shite that our government sees fit to publish on it's official party website? These people think that they are the right sort of people to actually run the country? To steal a phrase from elsewhere on the web;

Fucking Hellski...