News? Gadgets? World? Huh? Wha?

I have been cut off from the world, playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I have finished it. Great game. If it was only about the single player, I'd be properly annoyed, as it's quick. However, I want to play the multi-player, and do a lot better than I did this evening (walk around corner, get dead. respawn, walk around corner, get dead. rinse and repeat). I'd forgotten just how much harder multi-player gaming is when compared to single player. Also, I want to play it with a mouse and keyboard. Somebody must make a USB mouse/keyboard adapter for the XBox 360.

Apart from me spending my time playing wargames on Remembrance Day, today has been a day of new arrivals. Firstly, my new high power USB Wi-Fi card. I took a risk on a super cheap one that claimed to have the right chipset, and a couple of weeks later, a low build quality device has landed in my possession. As I say, it's a low build quality unit, but so far seems to be doing the job. Where my EEE 900 could usually detect four networks, I'm currently seeing over twenty, and that's sat at the my desk, with all the electromagnetic interference that comes with monitors/NAS/USB HDDs/PC base unit. That's also with the supplied stubby antenna. Once we've got some more decorating done, and I can get back to my computer rubble crates in the spare bedroom, I can have a play with my large high-gain antenna, or maybe even break out the cantenna to see what's out there*.

*blah blah, don't do illegal stuff, blah blah, only use your own network blah blah educational blah, other networks with permission, blah blah penetration testing blah. That should cover it.

Secodn new arrival of the day (and, clearly, the most important) is my sister's new daughter, Isabelle. I say "my sister's daughter", but obviously my brother in law had a small part in it too.