What. The. Fuck?

Seriously, can anybody explain this story about a pregnant woman who was in the process of re-decorating her house being reported to social services by a policewoman.

Is it honestly any wonder that when the subject of the police is raised, a lot of people have the opinion that they should leave decent honest hard working folks alone and go out and try catching some real criminals, and unfortunately, this WPC has just tarnished the reputation of all the decent, honest hard working police officers*, by being a busybody, nosy, non-thinking tit of the highest order.

*yes, both of them ;-)

Where do we go next? People who are in the middle of decorating get written up just in case they might get pregnant and have kids? People who have a house are reported, in case they decorate, and then have kids? OK, so I'm being flippant and taking things to stupid extremes there, but you know what I mean. Is it going to become illegal to decorate while you have children? If you have three of them, two years apart, then you won't be able to decorate until (in theory) twenty two years after the first child is born. Imagine sitting there in 1999, about to head in the twenty first century, still with the same décor that you had in 1977.

Surely an avocado bathroom suite is more damaging to a child than some decorating?

Anyway, that's not where we go right now. Actually, it's not where I go right now. I'm back into modern warfare 2 land, to shoot me some bad dudes...