AN early start this morning as a bunch of loons from work decided to meet up at the Cock Tavern, at Smithfields market, and meat up, with a hearty breakfast and a Guinness.

I dodged the pint of the black stuff (yay antibiotics), but reinforced my position as fat lad by going for the "butchers breakfast". Sausage, bacon, liver, kidneys, black pudding, oh, and the final touch, rump steak. It wasn't bad overall. the liver wasn't the best I've had, but the kidneys definitely were, and the black pudding was second only to one of the breakfasts I had over in Ireland last year (which had both black and white pudding, and was unbelievable). Would have been an even better breakfast with an egg and some beans on it, and maybe a second sausage, but hey.

Mind you, the coke should come with lipstick*. £3.20 a pint? I tried to exclaim "fuck me", but was actually dumbstruck and could do nothing other than hand over the cash.

*so you can look pretty while you're being screwed over the bar ;-)

Still, it was a decent way to start the day, I could almost consider making that a weekly trip, if the price of soft drinks didn't necessitate a second mortgage...

Anyway, while I was stuffing dead animal down my neck, it's good to see that governments/councils (aka public servants) are still as stupid as ever.

Exhibit A: Harrow Council and their army of 2000 informers, snoops, snitches and general busybodies. It's a good job we learn from history's mistakes.

Exhibit B: Spain cuts of around three million pay as you go mobile phones. Ah yes, that old chestnut. If you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear, anyone who want's an unregistered mobile phone must be plotting some form of evil terrorist attack, won't somebody think of the children (delete as applicable). Well, Spain, I've got news for you. THIS WILL NOT WORK. And you know why?

Well, apart from mobile phones being very easily pick-pocket-able, denying the (very small minority who are) criminals the use of unregistered mobile phones will simply push them towards the likes of Skype. To be honest, I would be surprised if there are criminals who actually use unregistered PAYG phones, when there are encrypted VOIP systems easily available. I don't even need a mobile phone or a laptop. If I can get wifi access, then I can make and receive phone calls via skype on my ipod.

Just like the UKs three strikes plan, all that this does is drive more and more people towards a norm of encrypting and hiding everything.

And you can bet your arse that the national security services won't like that...