Well this is a fun end to the evening.

We went to the Bloomsbury Theatre earlier for Boffoonery, a night of geeky, nerdy comedy, sketches, stand up, and the like in support of Bletchley Park.

Absolutely top night, and the line-up was awesome. Most people knew about Richard Herring, Robert Llewellyn, and Robin Ince, through their pimping of the night via their Twitter feeds, but on top of that, also in attendance were Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, Maggie Philbin, and, most awesomest of all, Johnny Ball.

File that under "holy awesome, batman". He's as enthusiastic and daft as he was when I used to watch him on TV as a child.

The after show, so to speak, is a whole load less exciting. I'm currently sat in UCL A&E department, waiting to see a doctor, with my incredible inflating elbow, which over the last twelve hours, has doubled in size, and reduced it's movement range to bugger all.

Yes, I will state now that I feel utterly stupid and simple, for (what seems to be) wasting both my time and the hospitals, but I /suppose/ it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm probably the sickest person in here. That lady leaking blood from her hand is just showing off, and the guy with the bandage on his head is only doing it so he can get a cool scar to show off to the chicks.

Mind you, I guess it can't really be too serious, when my main concern is that I didn't charge my mobile today, so I'm sans bandwidth. Unless I pull out the netbook and fire up the 3G dongle.

I wonder if it would be considered rude to ask if anyone is a junkie who would mug me, and steal the netbook to sell to fund thier smack habit...