Holy crap. It's already the second of November. I swear I only just woke up in January thinking "holy crap, where did 2008 go?".

Today, Apple, apart from royally pissing me off with my iPod sitting and saying "verifying iPod" for about three days before syncing again (I can verify that it's an iPod, now just bloody sync! ;-D ), Apple today have shown a true Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde pair of sides to themselves. Actually, I should be fair and say that it's a pair of rumours, which potentially show Apple in conflicting awesome and evil sides.

Rumour one: awesome.

A $30 per month iTunes subscription. I've been saying for a while that something around that money, per month for an all-you-can-eat, unlimited, music, tv and film subscription. If it comes via iTunes, as long as I can watch it on my computer, my TV, and my iPod, then I'm in. Obviously Apple wouldn't provide an unlimited subscription, and the selection of UK would probably be pitiful, but I'll probably be all over it.

Rumour two: evil.

Apple rumoured to have axes Atom support in new Snow Leopard/Leopard updates. Oi. Apple. NO! I don't know if you have noticed, but the cheapest macbook is still bloody expensive. The Apple website may say "just £799", but believe me, no matter how much they say "just", £800 is still a lot. Especially when held up against a £250 netbook.

Seriously Apple, either sell your own netbook, or make it easier for to turn a netbook into a hackintosh. Price it at £250, nine, or maybe at a push ten, inch screen, 3G onboard, 32GB SSD, SDHC slot, two or three USB ports, and you will kill the hackintosh market pretty much stone dead.

OK, there will always be that hard core of tinkerers who will turn something like a Dell mini 10v into a hackintosh just because they can, but the majority of people, eg students, who are rocking hackintoshes because they either can't afford, or just can't justify the cost of a macbook, would jump at the chance of a MacBook Mini.

If it gets announced, at those specifications I mentioned, or thereabouts, then I'm legging it down to my local Apple store.