...and in other news, the governments tractor production advisor was sacked for pointing out the facts that less tractors rolling off the production lines this year meant that tractor production was actually down, not up.

Now that, obviously, wouldn't happen. You would think that giving advice, backed up by facts and evidence, would not cost a man his job. You would be wrong.

Now, I already didn't like Alan Johnson, the home secretary. This is not a secret.

But sacking a government adviser who dares to speak the facts, even if they disagree with government opinion and policy? I'd love the chance to come face to face with Mr Johnson, just to ask him one question.

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

Being pushed out of your job because you won't toe the company line, despite evidence suggesting that the company line is wrong? Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Still, looking for the silver lining that every could has, at least he didn't appear on Radio 4 while working for the MOD...