This morning, while still half asleep, and being unable to remember my google calendar password for my work google account, I was presented with possibly the best CAPTCHA ever.


Nice and easy to read, but I'm not entirely certain that all that text will fit in the text box underneath. Still, it did remind me of that Chinese restaurant called "Translate Server Error".

Once again, the rule that six months after putting together a stupidly decent computer (400fps video transcoding? thank you please), all your hard work was in vain, and it's obsolete. Asustek have put together (along with Nvidia), a 1.1 Teraflop supercomputer in a desktop case. Nice.

I was wanting to prattle on about the new Sky Player on the XBox 360, but as I a: don't have a gold XBox live subscription, b: don't have a Sky subscription, and c: the service was pulled due to epicpopularityfail, I have no idea what it's like. Hopefully someone with a full Sky account and no XBox will take pity on me, sign up for the Sky Player service, and send me their login details, so I can watch Sky on my XBox.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?