With the electrical work downstairs being completed yesterday, a lightswitch is now moved. This afternoon, the wall became no more.

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Ten minutes of fun, followed by an hour of cleaning up.

Story of my life...

Speaking of cleaning up, I took Amy out tonight to an interesting little place on Shaftesbury Avenue, on the fringes of Chinatown. The Little Lamb Chinese/Mongolian hotpot restaurant. In a nutshell, hotplate in the middle of the table, big bowl/pan of soup, or, as we went for, a split pan with two different soups in (special spicy, and herbal revitalising tonic, or similar), as I do like my spicy food, and a bunch of side plates with raw meats, noodles, vegetables, seafood etc. on them. Something different, and supposedly more of a traditional Asian style of food, rather than the "Western-Asian" that you usually get. Whilst I can't comment on that, I can say that the sweet potato is a definite win, and the crabs, well, lovely as they tasted, they were bloody hard work, for seemingly little reward.

Still, as an alternative to the usual sweet and sour chicken balls in weird red gelatinous sauce, it was definitely worth the effort, and will probably feature again at some point in the future. If only because I like the idea of the dipping/cooking food thing, but I'm not quite sure that I could bring myself to do a fondue party ;-)

Something that I've literally just seen the link for, but haven't yet had a chance to investigate further, TOR client has been ported to Android. I'll be honest, and say that I wouldn't use a TOR node for anything other than casual browsing, I certainly wouldn't use it for emails/logging into anything, as the ease of setting up a poisoned exit node is filed under "far too". Call me a tin hat wearing looney, but if you think that governments aren't already doing this, well, either you underestimate governments desires to track, or I underestimate governments stupidity ;-)