Ah, Friday, end of the week, and winding down to a nice relaxing weekend, starting with a nice lazy lie-in tomorrow morni{insert that needle being pulled off the record scratching sound here}...

Ah, yes, Saturday, the day of getting up early because the electricians are coming round. Ah well, it's worth giving up a morning's sleep to push the flat on a stage further back towards being a flat, rather than the kitchenless bed-sit that it currently is.

Tonight is moany-whingey night, so if you're feeling happy, look away now ;-)

I hate bonfire night/fireworks. Not because of what it reminds us of (the only man ever to enter parliament with honest intentions ;-p ), but because the great and good almighty supermarkets deem that fireworks should be sold in BOGOF offers, and the little scrotes deem that the 81-shot boxes should be purchased, placed horizontally on the path pointing at the building doors, and lit. And this shows me up to be the hypocritical sod that I am.

I hate the idea that because some drunken idiots act like bell-ends on the tube, I'm not allowed to have a beer on the way to a gig/party. I hate the fact that because some tossers who organise fights under the guise of football hooliganism, the police treat the vast majority of football fans as criminals. I hate that the actions of some criminal nutters with hand guns means that honest law abiding hand gun owners lost a hobby.

I am firmly of the belief that the decent honest majority should not be punished, and have their enjoyment of something ruined, because of the actions of a scummy criminal minority.

So why is it that I'm sat here wishing that the sale of fireworks was banned outright?

I mean, shouldn't there be laws which mean that if you launch fireworks in a built up area, or a public area, towards cars and houses, you are committing some form of offence, where the police could come and take you away?

Ah, right, I see the problem with that. That would assume that the police might actually turn up (no, I'm not going into the whole resources/red tape arguments here, needless to say that when the scrotes started launching fireworks at cars and flats, I didn't waste my time or theirs calling 999).

So yeah, we should ban the sale of fireworks to anyone other than licensed display companies.