Wow, big things in the online world today. twitter has gone and joined up with both bing and google.

As far as I can tell, the bing integration is US only for now, and as far as I can tell google are just announcing their agreement with twitter, but I sense there could be fun times ahead, especially in the anti-spam areas.

There is one thing that I think a lot of people probably won't consider. Cynical Mat is cynical, and assumes that cash is changing hands in these deals. Which means that all that hard work utter tripe that people put into their tweets could very well be earning cold hard cash for someone else. If I'm honest, I don't know which way to fall on that. The service is free to me, and costs twitter to run, they should be able to monetise their business, as I don't think the "1: build it, 2: sell to google, 3: profit" business plan really exists anymore.

Speaking of making money, the PRS (Performing Right Society), you know, those people who charge a radio station to broadcast to the public, and who then double dip by charging people like offices, shops etc. for playing that self same radio station where it can be heard by a couple of people? You've heard of them?

Anyway, the PRS have backed down after threatening a shop assistant with fines of "thousands of pounds" for singing while she stacked shelves.

Mind = Boggled.