Who needs team building days. I'm pretty sure that there is no feeling of togetherness like a group hangover, which results in a group purchasing of bacon rolls/sandwiches/cheese panino for the vegetarian. Mmmm bacon roll when hungover.

My credit cards are cowering in fear today, not due to the newly announced Canon 1D Mark IV (at over £4000, even I think that's a bit of a silly price), but more due to the freshly announced new Apple line-up.

I am confused by a couple of things though. The new magic mouse. Apparently Uncle Steve has decided that not only were two buttons too much for his beloved Apple users, but so was one button. Yup, the magic mouse has done away with all buttons/scrollwheels/trackballs completely, and is now just a multi-touch surface, which allows gestures and clicks, as per the iPhone/iPod Touch. I bet that will take some getting used to. It also looks to be quite small, so no good for me. Oh, and it costs £55, so don't expect to be finding one on you desk at work in the morning...

The MacBook got a redesign and a spec-boost too, though I think I'd still prefer the MacBook Pro - aluminium body > white plastic body.

The one that really interests me the most though, is the Mac Mini. Probably because it's just about small enough to hide away on top of my current computer without me being found out by the wife ;-)

Obviously there's a proper reason for desiring a mac - you know, the whole

1: buy mac
2: ?????
3: create multi-million selling iphone app
4: profit
5: retire to tropical island

business case. Apart from that tricky step two (also known as "have brilliant idea", which I'd probably struggle at, if I'm honest), I can't really see any ways in which this could possibly go wrong at all in any way shape or form :-D

I've also spotted, over the last couple of days, the Motorola Droid, Motorola's android phone offering. Oh but that's a sexy handset. Makes me wonder about upgrading from my HTC Hero already, although with (apparently) fifty one known android handsets either in the wild, or soon to be released, I can't wait to see what's out there in a years time when it is finally time for me to fire up the new mobile contract.