Today I had some post delivered. You might think there's nothing remarkable in that, but for one thing, it was through the correct door (it's possible that it had been delivered through the wrong door, and a neighbour had redelivered it before I got in, but we'll give the posties the benefit of the doubt for a change ;-p ).

The post contained something that I'd ordered a month ago, and my runners pack for the Royal Parks half marathon, which was on the 11th of October. Brilliant. Even though I didn't run the race, due to a badly twisted ankle (yay falling down the stairs), well, that and the fact that I'm fat and lazy ;) it still would have been nice to have received the pack when it was still useful. I'm missing something I ordered 6 weeks ago, and I know someone who is still waiting for a letter about a job, which was posted in August.

Normally, I'd go and do some research into why a union (in this case the CWU) is calling strikes, but you know what? I just don't care. My sympathies for the postal workers ran out when they started complaining about having to work their contracted hours, rather than knocking off as soon as they'd finished their rounds.

What I do know about this strike, is that the CWU is unhappy with management "running the business into the ground" and also unhappy with proposed job cuts, and pay freezes/cuts.

So should management make no redundancies, and give everyone a pay increase? Or would that be classed as running the business into the ground?

Just like the RMT (once again) threatening a tube strike over Christmas, because they don't think that their job security and above inflation pay increase deal is enough, the CWU should take a look around in the real world, where there are plenty of people who have had pay freezes, pay cuts, or have been made redundant who would be happy for a job.

The very same people who don't care about the whole "he said, she said" tales of woe coming from both the Royal Mail and the CWU.

The very same people who are being affected by delayed or lost mail, things like job offers, or medical appointments.

I don't have any answers, and I don't pretend to. I just want my post within a reasonable time from it being posted, and I want it put through the correct door. Is that too much to ask?

Footnote: OK, OK, I know, this is a little late. My excuse is that I was drunk, and the taxi home took hours thanks to utterly rubbish traffic in New Oxford Street towards Holborn.