I spotted this one late last night, after I already blogged yesterday, but Apple are said to be allowing free apps to do the in-app payment thing. This is a major move, in my opinion, and is something that the newspapers, should be jumping all over. Yes Mr Old Media, this could very well be the thing that saves you.

Yesterday I mentioned about suspended animation, and plasma scalpels, with regards to living in the future. Well today, I see that some scientists have managed to 'write directly to memory' of living brains. OK, so far it's only giving flies memories of unpleasant things that never occurred, but I don't care. I'm booking my holiday to Mars even as I type.

Ah, I see that my 1.57GB game demo has finished downloading on the XBox. I guess the days of game demos on a single floppy disk and long gone.

Short? Maybe, but it's Friday night, and we'll all got better things to do with our time than read this rubbish ;-)