Wow, a year ago today I started my current job, and it's flown over, which means I'm enjoying it, I guess ;)

Obviously in this time I've made the odd little mistake (like briefly re-pricing over €3million worth of stock to around €2400), but I can safely say that I've not made any as epic as the missing dot that knocked every single .se web address offline. Yup, a single character (or non-character, as the case may be) wiped out an entire TLD. I can't wait until the day someone forgets the dot on the .com zone file...

That little Guardian gagging order thing I mentioned yesterday sort of kicked off a little bit this morning, culminating around lunchtime with Carter-Ruck dropping the attempt to block the Guardian reporting on parliamentary business.

Not wanting the posties to get all the attention, I spotted earlier today over at Annie Mole's place that Bob Crow {spit} and the RMT are up to their usual tricks, and are threatening a strike over Christmas.